Steelseries flux pro accessories

Does anyone have any idea where i can things like ear cushions, replacement cords ect. for my steelseries flux pro? I cant find anything on their website or amazon.

contact the manufacturer. Depending on the value of your headset is really dependent on whether they would ship (for a small cost, of course) the stuff or not. If it's like a $50 headset, I wouldn't hold my breath. It's it's a $200 headset, you might be in luck.

However, I am certain there are some 3rd party "Universal" solutions. Honestly, I've had my current cans for over 6 years now and the cushions are finally starting to show their age, so if you have any luck in finding 3rd party solutions, I would appreciate it if you could share the link.

OK. Well I will shoot steelseries an email tomorrow. As far as third party, I have no idea.