SteamCMD Problem

I have been trying to install a Garry's Mod server on a Linux computer I have. It is running Ubuntu Server 14.04. However after I download everything and extract it I try to run it and it just returns: 

[email protected]:~/Steam$ ./
./ line 30: 11971 Illegal instruction (core dumped) $DEBUGGER "$ STEAMROOT/$PLATFORM/$STEAMEXE" "[email protected]"

I have tried numerous different tutorials and they all end up the same way.

why use Ubuntu server? Ubuntu 14.04 should be able to handle it easily, more about the specs than the OS with gaming system, of course the OS does matter.

Also how are you trying to install Steam? using the download or using repos? if you add the repo into the list you can run apt-get to download steam easily and the terminal will take care of your hard work.


I'm using server because I needed the system for a couple of other things. I followed these directions.