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Steamcache Performance Issues for Blizzard Games

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well. I followed the video guide/forum guide from Linus Tech Tips on how to create a Steam Cache server. I had previously created a Steam Cache server, however, this time I wanted to build it to support Blizzard, Origin, and Riot games too. I as able to successfully deploy the Steam Cache docker, however, when I try to download a game from Blizzard like WoW, it downloads at about 1MB/s when is should be getting closer to 16MB/s through my ISP connection. I’m able to download at that speed if I bypass the cache. I worked with Blizzard support to try a couple things like: system reboot, clearing Blizzard cache, changing NIC duplex settings to Full Duplex, Reinstall the app, etc. I’m looking for assistance in getting these download speeds increased because I’ve been downloading WoW for over 13 hours and it still have 6.7gb to go. Downloads from steam work fine. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Steam Cache Server Info:
Ubuntu 18.04
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 @ 3.20GHz
Hard Drives: x4 1TB SSDs in RAID 0
NIC: 10 Gb

Even when cache is functioning… It still has to download from internet to be cached then you you should get much better speeds on the following downloads

I have a 200Mbps download speed from my ISP. With the cache in place, I’m still able to utilize that speed when I download from the Web, Steam, Origin, Riot Games, etc. It’s only when I download from that the speeds become abysmal. I understand that it has to write to the cache first which may cause a decrease in speed, but it shouldn’t be to that degree and I understand that once it’s written to the cache that it’ll pull faster. I’ve verified the cache is working because if I download something again, I’m getting around 100MB/s on the downloads. I’m just trying to sort out download performance issues coming from Blizzard.

blizzard uses torrents and i have had ISPs throttle that traffic, and proved it using a vpn that made it go faster. not sure if thats still the case, but it only happened one time and never happened again after that

I’m not sure if it’s ISP related because when I change the DNS on my workstation from the IP of the cache server to a public DNS like, the downloads go at my normal 200Mbps. It’s only when it runs through the cache and for Blizzard.