SteamBoy, seriously


Seems legit, looks awsome, but I got a feeling this is gonna be SO expensive. Probably not for my wallet.


the lawyers are going to have a field day


I dunno much about it but I want one

Looks like my sega game gear with owl pads glue'd to it.

Ugh, you just reminded me how much I want a sequel!

Hey look it's a Nvidia shield with out the restrictions. And i still don't want one. 

While this is almost definitely trolling, it should be possible. Debian has ARM builds and the OS is free to modify and distribute. So long as you get the hardware down and the streaming up to speed it should work fine. 

Honestly. I don't mind it, I Love Handheld games so the more the merrier. I love PSVita for the console grade games, and I love the 3DS for the Nintendo first party titles. Now If we can have a handheld to play PC games at least 45-60FPS at least at 720P or at 900P I'm sold and I really don't see any wrong it valve does make this product.

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so it's basically a SEGA game gear and a SONY PSP combined with a Steam controller

to get a Steamboy

I liked the gamegear and PSP, but they also kinda flopped, also most people that tried the steam controller had mixed feelings.

if this is just another standard high-end arm-soc, with android and steam costing 400-500 €

it's going to fail.

Obviously it's for enthusiast gamers, everybody else just plays casual games on their phone. So it needs to have a much faster graphics unit then a phone, or else why not buy a controller attachment for your phone.

Also there is the that is being developed for retro games and emulators.

Note: 3d printed PROTOTYPE test case:

any news one this?

also to note.

it was never mentioned to be arm. at the time it was announced i worked out that the quad core intel cpu and 4gb of ram lines up perfectly with the quad core atoms found in the dell venue 8 pro. there is a top end cpu with 4gb of lpddr3 ram. id assume now they need to revise the design with the new controller and i suspect they will update the cpu. more than likely the replacement cpu for the one i just mentioned. this would more than likely be the same cpu as in the surface (not pro) 3. quod core atom. intel hd graphics and up to 8gb of ram. even though its intel graphics don't let that fool you. they are still quite capable im impressed on what even my dell venue 8 pro can d.o this thies cpus top that and will have better cooling in this system which realy affect performance in regards to turbo boost ect. also more interesting enough is all thies cpus can be powered by a micro usb port which lines it up rather nicely with a nintendo 3ds or playstation vita. so you can probably expect a similar battery life too amazingly. i do hope they end up with a 768 tall display in the end with touch cos that will be handy if you want to run windows on it.