Steam Summer Sale is here!

Steam summer slae has started just letting everyone know!

Goodbye money. :(

This just has to happen when my internet is so incompetent that I want to kick a puppy... Seriously, slow as shit at first, then back to what it normally is, then slow again, rinse and repeat. Sadly my parents are not noticing that and refuses to switch providers. I know almost everyone else is bad as well... but it is at least worth a try... right? (I'M WAITING ON YOU GOOGLE FIBER). But anyway, yeah.

YEAH! Holy crap, now that's what I call a sale! And what perfect timing - I've just recently "returned" to PC gaming, upgraded my PC a little and what a great way to get so many awesome titles for so little money. Here's my wallet, Valve, suit yourself :)

Dam it just as ive have ordered £100 worth of parts the sale comes....looks like i will be running up the credit card again. 

Screw you steam, you couldn't have waited until next week could you.

[Preparing for the next 1000 threads on this unless everyone bothers to dig for the original one]

Also, if you go on Amazon, they price matched the SSS, and with the coupon "gooncave" you save an extra 15%.

Nice call!! just picked up Tomb Raider for $14.87. w00tw00t!

I know its sale time but come on steam realy? 

Remember to wait until the last day to pick up a game, unless it's a flash sale, daily deal or community choice.