Steam Sales Brought Me Back

Three long years ago I had built a gaming pc with the intention of replacing my console, but for some reason I could not get into it. Perhaps it was the lack of games that caught my attention. Maybe I missed the friends I had made on the Xbox; or it could have been the fact that I still couldn't play Crysis...

But now after witnessing the amazing deals of Steams summer sales I have dusted off the old tower, updated my software and installed the newest drivers. My custom pc that I had given up on was back in the game. 

Which game? Why Fallout: New Vegas of course. I couldnt pass up buying the ultimate package for just $5! I actually didnt think my computer could run it, but to my suprise its doing well. Not only that but I'm really enjoying playing on the pc again!

This helped me make up my mind and I've decided to build a new custom computer this winter; not only to play games but edit/video too.

What about you? Have any stories of leaving computer gaming, but then making a return? Or perhaps you have suggestions on what parts I should use for the new pc. My budget will be around $1,000-$1,200