Steam is stealing money from EU gamers

Yes, have someone from EA check and see if it's a VPN being used for every single purchase.  That makes sense.  EA doesn't have to sell to people in India.  There's nothign saying they do.  If they want to raise game prices, go ahead and do it.  Something costs what it costs.  It's not EA's fault that India's got a poor economy.  


I agree. The fact of the matter is, things should be priced based on what the exchange rate is at the time. It's hardly fair on EA (no matter how annoying and hated they are) that they should only get $10 US from games sold in India, whereas games sold elswhere net $50. And besides, would this really affect people in India anyway? If the $50 game is one months wages, are they even going to own the computer/console to play it on? Surely Sony and Microsoft don't sell their systems at 1/5 the price of the rest of the world.....

You both missed the point EA is not loseing money in india there incresing it so you dont what to buy it there.

If anything EA are cashing in on a profitable market india and china are now the fastest growing new gameing communitys incresing by %30 a year your atatudes of well there poor fuck them is astonishing.

But aren't EA just raising prices so they are more matched with the rest of the world? So they are selling them for $50US instead of $10US. And an increase of 30% is not necessarily very impressive.... This article says that India doesn't have a very big gaming community anyway, and that console games have been priced a lot higher for a long time anyway. So really, good job EA for pricing games at Rs999 while console games have been nearly 3 times the price the whole time.

And I wasn't saying "they are poor, so just F$&K them" (Well.... sort of). I was meaning (and I'm not entirely sure about stats or anything) that they are probably more focused on feeding themselves, and keeping themselves healthy than playing video games. I meant that, if 1 game costs 1 months rent, then most people (except for very wealthy people) probably won't be able to afford the PC to game on anyway. 

Maybe the issue here really isn't about EA.... Maybe it's about the Indian government...