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Steam In-home streaming problem


ok so ive been facing problems streaming games from my arch based (Manjaro and Antergos) Desktop to my Laptop, the client always gets sound but no video(Blank screen) .
Streaming does work with Windows and Ubuntu (as Host)

Also I dont know if this will help but my desktop is using a GTX 1050 (Asus) and the game im trying to stream is Civ V



I have the exact same issue. Have you had any luck getting this working yet? Nothing I’ve tried has solved the issue. To get Steam, and Civ5 working on Arch Linux in the first place required some troubleshooting and I had to install a number of lib32 packages. I wonder if there are some others that need installing.



Found a solution … I’ve just installed the flatpak version of Steam, which includes all prerequisite packages, and this just works perfectly (at least for Civ5 it does)!

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Sorry for the really late reply I will give this a try soon (Thanks!)



Solved by @jjb2018