Steam Halloween sale

So what is everybody getting? I am going to pick up sleeping dogs, not much more I really want. Any suggestions?

I would recommend anyone that doesn't own The Binding of Isaac (below $2) and Spelunky (I think $5, its 5 euros anyway) to pick them up. Binding of Isaac is a Zelda inspired topdown roguelike and Spelunky a sidescrolling adventure game. Both are amazing fun and have a ton of replay value.


Bought like 10 games already

Which ones?

I bought my gf Fallout New Vegas GOTY, a couple of Fallout 3 dlcs and the Binding of Issac dlc and I'm still deciding if i want Costume Quest as it looks alright for a couple of hours. 

I've been dying to get something from this sale, but I've been so unsure as to what. I've had my eye on Nether, but it's not seeming very promising. Lots of people saying it's pretty much WarZ :(

i picked up vampire the mascarade bloodlines (heard good things about the vampire the mascarade lore), nightmare in northpoint (sleeping dogs dlc), and painkiller "black edition"/original

too bad painkiller crashes my system and i have no idea why

I'm in same boat, I want to get it and I want it to be good but all the WarZ negativity surrounding it just reeks of don't go there.

For online open-world post-apocalyptic survival games I think Survarium is definitely the one keep our eyes open for.

Great choices, cool games. Sleeping dogs is not feeling my system either, which is a real bummer. Hopefully with a new windows update it will be fixed because compatibility mode is not saving my *ss this time.

I bought 3 sleeping dogs dlc because the game is awesome and I expect the dlc to be just as good. 

Got Nation red,Sleeping dogs,Bioshock 2,Serious Sam 3. Loving the steam sales

Picked up Fallout 3. Efectively doesn't work :c

you bought WarZ...

yeah, it was cheap. just call me money banks.

What's the problem? Didn't work for me at first too, but there are some fixes available on google.

I picked up Sleeping Dogs, They Bleed Pixels, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Haven't gotten into the others yet, but Sleeping Dogs has been awesome so far. Not exactly sure what issues people are having, but works fine for me


Find the Fallout.ini (should be in your documents in the My Games folder): 

 change it to
 Add this line after it

Might help you, it helped me.

I picked up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons too. I also had my eye on the Swapper for a while, and it's pretty cool so far. I got Deadlight as well, but I don't know a thing about it.