Steam game wont install without internet access?

I downloaded about 50 steam games a year ago onto my desktop prior to divorce. I finally have a place and set up my system. I don’t have internet access and it seems that steam won’t allow install without that. I suspect its DRM related. Is there any legal work around? PS; I can build a computer but the software side is lacking… I grew up before computers were common and have no kids to show me.

Yeah it’s drm, once they’re installed you can put it in to offline mode so you won’t need the internet to play them, so you could possibly use mobile Internet just to authenticate and install.

There are ways around the drm but you’ll need the Internet for that too.


I’ll see if I can use my phone as a hotspot. Thanks.

It might be worth turning off automatic updates before you do


How did you back them up? DId you just copy/paste the folder from steamapps/common or did you go through steam?

If you went through steam then you shouldnt need internet

I don’t remember…it was a year ago. I downloaded probably from steam. I put them on a separate partition, would that cause this problem?

i think the steam client has to verify it is indeed your game before “installing”.
also it does updates etc etc.
but in short yea it is DRM.


Maybe. I know that steam doesnt really support copy/pasting from steamapps/common in terms of a backup and will even go as far to redownload the entire game even if its there.

In my experience this is only really an issue if you copy over the game files in steamapps/common but forget the appmanifest file for the game which is all steam really cares about, you could even completely remove the game files but keep the appmanifest and it will still think its installed even though it isn’t.


You need internet to download dotnet.

Try getting stick without internet on Uplay