Steam Game Server Webmin

I have heard you can write your own custom modules for webmin, and I thought that was very interesting. I want to try and write some webmin modules for SteamCMD, so that we have an open source Steam gameserver control panel. I think I understand the basic principle, but I am wondering how you would run a command in an existing running process. For example:

Say I clicked a button in webmin that starts the Half Life 2 DM server. The script runs, the server starts up, and everything works great. However, what if I need to run a command inside the running script, such as "quit" or something like that? How would I tell webmin to run that command INSIDE the script thats running instead of just typing "quit" at a normal Linux command prompt?


If you are running under linux, you could start the server within a named screen, that way you will (providing you don't run more than one instance under a single name) it will be addressable via its screen.

Look up re-attaching and detaching with stopping within screen.

This should help with the basics