Steam family Sharing Beta

Anyone in the steam family sharing group care to share some games with me and ill do the same with them ?

From my experience with the process, to do this you need to physically log in to Steam on the other person's PC in order to allow that PC to play your games. Either this or you'd need to give the person your Steam login and password which is a very stupid idea! Do not give your Steam login/password to anyone!

they would also get your credit card info

Yes. You would need to exchange the username and password for both steam accounts.

Also, you cant just lend a game to someone. If you lend it, you lend your ENTIRE library.

Say you let someone play skyrim, but you wanna play saints row. When you try to play saints row, it will kick them off of skyrim.

Family sharing is ONLY meant to put ALL of your family's steam accounts and games onto one PC. Nothing more.