Steam down?

Well, I guess it’s halloween sale because it seems like steam just exploded.
Which makes sense considering I just got an email titled " 25 items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!" :grimacing:

Can anyone confirm?

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Yep, its down here as well
Edit: Print for proof

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Yes it needs time to reload its massive database with discounts applied. I check for their readiness. Usually if the site is done parsing the discount data, the site can now load somewhat… Slow. Basically the whole world is DOSing steam with all kids screaming “gimme my games!” Whilst spaming F5. Dont join them…

Yes, it’s the Holloween Sale, I viewed the initial page and it looked interesting but then I starting getting page loading errors and then Steam Status shows store page is offline.

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(Still) down for me…

browing games from firefox loads some games…

In case yall didnt know…

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@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: Outlook good

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Oh, Hai SudoSaibot, you Sniper!!!

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It is… My mail got flooded with discounts…

Its up for me now

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Yup, it’s up and feels rock solid.

… Steam too.


Getting that message here, annoying as it keeps popping up!

unless it has changed fairly recently, steam does maintenance on tuesdays.
for years steam has gone down for at least an hour or so every tuesday.

I think there used to be a header image on one of the pc gaming subreddits that on tuesday said DON’T PANIC: Steam Maintenance.

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They still do Tuesday maintenance, I just use the page to display the Steam Page and all the ancillary api nodes like for CS:GO etc…

I really only care about the Steam Store Front and the Community pages so I can do rading cards etc.

I’m nearly 50, and I’m just like this kid when I play CoD.