Steam Achievements and badges: Are they fun or stupid


I was just curious if any of you Steam users care about steam badges or steam achievements. I personally was, and still am a console gamer (but more in PC), and felt more of a reward when I unlocked a trophy or an achievement. I was talking to a good friend of mine and he is like the system but believes they need to tweak it for a more rewarding experience. I agree and would like to see on my profile how many achievements I have unlocked and badges without steam level. At the end of the day, they are just useless and are totally a waste of time, but I still would like to see some neater aspects to steam level, achievements, and badges. Just leave your guys opinions and would like to see what people actually think about this topic.


P.S - I know this is stupid question, and if you feel the need to make a neandertal (spelled right) out of yourself don't comment :)

Well on console the achievements were sometimes a lot harder (think Halo achievements) and there were more bragging rights associated with them because your Gamerscore was prominently displayed on your profile. Now that I play on PC you can't say that I'm much of an "achievement hunter" anymore. 

+1 exactly

Anyone who thinks Steam's or Playstations are better are just simply wrong. Xbox has everything they have and more. It's sad that the new consoles are barely worth playing apart from halo and stuff :(

Ya, I agree. Just like that feeling when you unlocked something and it was just cool for that moment. Plus, I like the little artwork :)

Never know, they may pick up later in the years. Personally don't like the direction xbox went at all. 

I think you're talking about the xbone though, something about the cheevos on the 360 were just exhilarating!

you get "xp" the more badges you have which increases the number cap of friends list.... so there's that :P

Badges are nice because they have a practical purpose. When you finish one, you receive emotes to be used in conversations, profile backgrounds, showcases for your profile (favorites games, favorite reviews, favorite achievements, etc.), increase the friend list limit, and even coupons for other games.

Achievements are purely for bragging rights though, which is why I do not really care for them most of the time. Now, if achievements added to your Steam level, thus increasing your trading card booster pack drops, I would care a bit more.

Yeah, they need to sort out the achievements/trading cards thing, coz I would totally take up achievement hunting again if it was more like xbox's system.

In what way more like Xbox's system? Steam achievements are already similar: do an objective, a box comes up when the objective is completed, complete more to fill out a list of other objectives to do in-game. The only difference I remember from the Xbox system is that occasionally an achievement will unlock an avatar award item but Steam has no avatar system like that.

Unless you meant more in the way of presentation, e.g. a sound and the box showing up centered on the screen rather than the box silently peaking from a corner as it does now similarly to messages in the overlay. As for difficulty in achieving the achievements, that is entirely up to the developers.

And trading cards are an entirely separate system from the achievements.