I'm about to build a pc tomorrow... Now i has question about static I've heared and seen in computer building videos that you should get a static wristband as static can damage your components. But is it really neccassery I live in a house and I've never felt static shock any time i opened a door or anything in general. I will be building on a wooden coffe table and I will try to touch the metal of my case as much as possible to discharge myself want my question is here can I just go ahead and build or am i making a huge mistake not buying the wristband thanks.

Take your parts in to the kitchen (where there is no carpet) and bilud on the counter top touch the metal inside the case occasionally to keep your self on the same electrical level as your parts thats all you need to do.

You can buy static wristbands if you are paranoid about it but it isent necessary.

If you cant find space in the kitchen bilud on a wooden table or open out a large box and lay it down flat.

(I bilud on top of boxes in a room with no carpet never needed a wristband)

HEY cooperman Nice to see you again i'm sure you know the pc im building is the one you designed however with a few minor changes if you want to see the final result here it is AMD FX-8350, Zalman Z11 Plus - My Custom Build - Matthew12106's Saved Part List - PCPartPicker United Kingdom

anyway my sitting room i was going to build in has a rug under the coffee table so i guess I wont build there i do have a kitchen with a tile floor and a table made from mostly glass and then some wood on the borders so do you think thats ok :D Thanks again for the help with the pc 

Do you realy need 16gbs of ram? not to keen on the z11 case ether but its just not my taste...

yes i need sixteen :3 and why don't you like it? for one it has great airflow with 7 supported fans and 5 installed and 2 fans that take air directly from the hard drives and sdd and exhaust it out the sides are know as the HDD Cooling Solution and it is made of sturdy constuction steel and metal and most important IT LOOKS DAM SEXY!

I dont like the look of it >_> it looks fat lol.

Shure bilud on the glass table but cover it with boxes (not becase of static but becase someone whont be happy if it gets scratched by all the tiny pins on the back of the mobo/gpu)

ah yes I will be building on the box of the motherbaord and lol it looks fat? nah it looks like it's been at the gym quite a few times

Also now that i've got a hold of you I want to ask you something about the mobo as you know if you looked at the new specs i down graded the mobo to a Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard because the one you choose for me is a little expensive. I want to know does this come with sound onboard? can i just plug one of these from the back of the mobo to the monitor and it will work cause... I hope so since i bought that cable 

Shure it has Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition on the mobo + DTS + ASUS Noise Filter asus do a good job with the sound.

The monitor you picked comes with one of those cables in the box (ive not tryed the sound on that monitor i use a jack to phono lead going to my stack system ...bf3 rocks the windows with 500w's!! >_<

so to conclude that 3.5mm jack will work :DDD

also you seem kinda smart ( hehe ) I cant use an ethernet cable to hook up to my pc and I am new to this since I always end up buying laptops with wifi built in will this dongle preform at the same speeds and a normal laptop wifi?

desktop wifi adaptors tend to have higher performance than laptop ones, but I would get a name brand one like asus or linksys

There kind of hit and miss tbh you will be better off with a pci card (not a PCI-Express x1 becase the video card will cover the ones you have on the mobo)

You maybe able to fit a PCI-Express x1 card rigth next to the video card but it will be tight if it fits in at all.


Ok then I'll bare that in mind also another thing in mind the Amd Fx-8350 is a power hungry eight core cpu and the MSI HD7950 Twinfroz III OC seems like it would need some of dat POWER are you sure the 550w power supply you choose for me will be able to handle those?

I run a FX8320 + a 7950 + a closed loop cooler 7 fans a hdd and a ssd on a 500w psu.

550Ws will be fine people overestimate the power thay actualy need.

You just need a good psu with plenty of amps and the rigth amount of power and the XFX is a very good robust psu for its price (its a seasonic psu for cheaper)

ahhh ok thanks dood can't wait till tomorrow when evertyhings come and I can get set up hey if I ever see you when I'm done building I'll tell you how it went :)

You know what sucks I just read the amd fx-8350 manual and apparently the warranty wont apply unless I'm using the slandered heat sink :(

None will know if you used a differnt heatsinc (you cant use the one with the FX8350 because you will have to sue AMD for going deaf!)

Cpu's generally outlast the computer if your not crazy overclocking them dont worry about it.