Starting up on YouTube

Well after being poked by several repeatedly over the last few years I finally decided it’s enough procrastination and it’s time I actually got stuck in gave it a go.

My first real video just went up, it’s a simple introduction for now, but I am already rendering some real content to go up later today. This will briefly cover how I have my PC setup for VM development, work, and gaming, as well as what I have done with the audio to enable recording for making YouTube videos, etc.

This is my first attempt at creating real video content, so please bare with me, I am learning as I go :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the videos. You have a very natural and comfortable voice and delivery, so you don’t have to worry about that. Totally understand the face thing, though. Privacy is nice. Wendell was like that in the early days, with the whole eyes through the monitors thing

I think a series on Looking Glass would be great. Maybe from the basics through to the nitty gritty of how it works and what it’s doing. Maybe a setup guide or tips. Problems that need help.

Videos about other projects and topics would be cool, too.

I think the most important thing for you to focus on is to keep it fun for you. Don’t turn it into something you feel like you have to do.


I also love your voice and vocal presentation OP.


If you want to release on l1 Linux for a wider audience I’d welcome it just lemme put l1 bookends on there. Don’t mind if you advertise your channel too. I did a plug for you in the live stream earlier :smiley:


Thanks mate, I might do so in the future, for now though I am just learning how to do all the video editing, speak without “umm’s” and “ahh’s”, and get some real recording gear. A Rhode microphone is high up on my list atm.

Right now I am just using a headset condenser microphone, which is picking up a ton of noise including air noises from breathing. I might be able to Macgyver a wind sock over it and see if it helps. The first episode goes into how I am filtering it.

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Subscribed! I’m looking forward to your content. Very smooth, easily understandable voice. Audio is good, music is not distracting, that is something many get wrong in the beginning.

When you start putting text on the screen maybe make it bigger than on your console in the background in this video. It depends on your presentation but it would be easier to read.


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I realise that larger text would be easier to read for many, but as the target audience of this information is technical I feel it is more important to keep as much on the screen as possible, it makes it easier for those trying to see the big picture when it comes to how things are configured.

It’s also my daily setup for work, I am not inclined to mess around with it for recording as making videos is secondary to my workflow.

Also, I am recording and rendering at lossless settings to ensure the text is readable if you switch to full screen.

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I agree, it’s always a trade-off.

I can totally understand that, it was just a suggestion.

I’m looking forward to your videos. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I was hoping to have another video out today, but I ran into issues.

I wanted some B-Roll for the idle talking time and figured a bit of random gaming in LG recorded with OBS would be perfect, but then I found out that not only was OBS consuming 100% of the GPU’s resources, it was lagging out the entire system, so it was time to look into that problem.

Turns out that there has not yet been an official release of OBS for Linux yet that has VAAPI support. It’s in the master branch, but no tagged release yet. Also, the version in Debian testing is clearly too old, even the latest tagged release solves the 100% GPU usage problem. So, I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version, only to find that the Gallium RadeonSI driver in Debian testing is too old and doesn’t have hardware H264 encode support. So I upgraded this to the version in the experimental branch, which was fine, and fixed OBS.

So I went back to the video editor I am using (Flowblade) only to find that the upgrades had exposed a bug in MLP which is clearly a memory corruption bug, that is so bad that it breaks dlopen. So after 1/2 a day of screwing around I finally managed to get my project open in flowblade and rendering to a file so I can use a different tool as Flowblade doesn’t export the project to a format that KdenLive supports.

Edit: Ditched kdenlive, tried Shotcut, and ended up using OpenShot.


New episode just went live.

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good presentation!

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How do you like OpenShot?

Not great, but better then the alternatives I have tried thus far. To be honest I am very surprised none of these tools support VAAPI, and in turn hardware H264 encode/decode.

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Have you looked at Lightworks? It’s not FOSS but I’ve read it’s better than what’s out there on Linux.

I’ve only used the “freemium” version, which was limited to 720p output.

Not yet, if I find that OpenShot can’t suit my needs I will move on and try it. I am trying to keep my entire process open source.


Do you plan on updating every day? If not – slow down! Better slow and steady, than burning all your powder in one go. You can schedule releases, if you do batch uploads.

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No, I do not, the frequency at the moment is mainly due to needing to learn the tools and find out what works best. Thanks for the concern though :slight_smile:

Really liked video 02. Very easy to understand. You explained everything in such a way that I could both follow along and understand it quick enough I didn’t have to bounce back 5 or 10 seconds to listen again. This coming from someone with Linux experience somewhere between novice and intermediate. Probably closer to intermediate. So good job on that.

Also good job with the zooming in to read the terminal. The previous videos I had no idea what was going on there, so that is a huge improvement. That helps a ton with following along.

Looking forward to more videos. Maybe someday I will be ready to try to set this up for myself. For now passthrough with a second monitor and KB/mouse is working, and has been for a couple years now. But I can definitely see the huge benefit of having it all on the host. It looks very slick.

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Move mouse over video
You got me to click on it, getting to first base is so important
Worse thing you can have happen is someone thinking “get to the point”
You have that EU voice thing that really works
I have a New Your accent, no one will take tek advice from someone with a NY accent…ever :slight_smile:

Good video


In case anyone missed it, I have uploaded several new videos and started the series on server management.