Starting DnD

So I'm starting DnD tomorrow with some friends, and I haven't played but one time before now. Is there anything thats changed in about 4-5 years and can anyone tell me some interesting ideas or fun things to try and do while playing? 

The character they're giving me is a Barbarian named Oganoth, hes an ex revolution leader who isn't stupid but not super intelligent (think Tryndamere from LoL).  

hi, i played D&D no stop, for almos 5 years, there are some changes between the different versions of the game but the basics are more or less the same.

you can check out this channel for some ideas to add more enphasis to the game:


I would suggest tuning into a podcast called nerd poker on earwolf.  It is awesome and very inspiring.

well if their playing AD&D or 3rd edition your fine but 4th edition is a tragedy imho they tried to more or less replicate wow's combat system.

That is what is awesome about the Nerd Poker podcast.  They all played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and are now playing 4th.  They often speak of the tradgedy that it is lol.  Advanced Dungeons and Dragons really made you work your brain and math.

A single tear rolls down my cheek with the realization that I'm not alone in my mourning for the old ways

Yeah fourth edition really hit the combat side of the game with a vanilla stick that meant that everybody could throw off powers every turn, instead of encouraging them to utilise their differing strengths. 

I currently play pathfinder which is an adaption of the 3rd generation rules and I love it. Be sure and have a bit of a concept about what your character wants: do you agree with the party's aims or would you rather thwart them? Does your barb really want to help the local farmer retrieve her daughter or would his homestead look better on fire?