Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ok this trailer was shown for the Star Wars MMO made by Bioware, and this trailer alone is probably the coolest thing that has come from the Star Wars universe since the 3rd movie(and i mean the real third movie, Return of the Jedi), bask in it's awesomeness, i'm only posting the youtube link because, well because nothing i want you to spend the time to click on it.

based on a true story as well.

looks amazing.

Yeah, I'm not going to lie...that really looks like a kick ass game.

Not a hardcore star wars fan, but I've always liked the stories.
Will most likely try this game out sometime

Video was freaking sick btw

The cinematic is really good in, especially in HD. I got tingly feelings. :p

Ooo ive been looking at this game for a few months now and was really exicted about it, just getting a bit annoyed as its taking so long for them to bring new info and updates, hope it means that theyre making sure that everything is pure perfection

i would totally like to see some gameplay footage. LINKS PLS!