STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Eternal Throne

New trailer from BLUR has been released. For me, for this game one chapter per month wasn't enough to keep me subbing each month to this game, however that dose not take away that the trailer is amazing. Same with the Knights of the Fallen Empire.


So sad this game went down the toilet months after release. Could have been amazing!

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It is! I went back to play the new expansion with a friend. It was fun for a while catching up on the new content. You can tell in the new expansion it has the influence from Mass Effect as they took on a bunch of their developers when ramping up. But their actual game-play system choices are questionable, they have made the game extremely easy. SWTOR was never that hard to start with... but to make it even easier is just crazy.

The story is still solid, even though it's the same across all classes now, however they'll feed it to you one per month and they're roughly about 15mins each, 20mins being at it's best. So it creates a huge disconnect and makes you loose interest in the story rather quick.

I have one issue with SWTOR story. Expect Valkorian all the other main villains have back-story and depth given only by the trailers while in game they behave just with cliches.

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Yeah, I get what you mean. Valkorian is suppose to be Vitiate, and the only kind of back story you get it from is the Jedi Knight story, and a small part from the Warriors. Then it's just a big bait and switch tactic, and turn of direction. One thing I do love though is his re-design and and voice actor.

Sure the story stuff is fine. But it's not an mmo anymore. Try queuing for something and it takes forever. Game didn't know if it was a mmo or a single player game with mmo elements and because of that it didn't excel at either and failed to keep players.

Very true, when I was playing it a few months ago I pretty much gave up trying to sign up for Operations, or Flashpoints. What didn't help was the unbalance in Imperial vs Republic on the server I was on. And even with that levelling is too fast now, so no one is learning how to use their classes, so it makes Flash Points/Operations when you can get into them, or PvP a total mess.

I think it's pretty safe to say SWTOR is just a single player game with MMO elements now.

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Which is a shame cause I think if they had done a few things differently it could have easily been the top mmo to date.

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