Star Crawlers, Ruiner, & Dragon Fin Soup | PAX East 2016

At PAX East we check out the indie megabooth featuring Star Crawlers, Ruiner, and Dragon Fin Soup.

Let us know what you think.

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is dragon fin soup actually coming out i saw it like 3 years ago at pax prime

Sony gave it out to PSN users. Its an alright game.

Star Crawlers is definitely something I like. A first person RPG is not the usual thing we see. I might give this a chance. In regards to Ruiner I do not like the camera angle so no go but I will applaud it for being a very nice looking game. I know my brother who plays Shadowrun games will play this. As for Dragon Fin Soup I don't have much to say about it other than I won't play it.

talk to Tribute Games who are doing Flinthook

Thank you so much for covering more indie games. I have started heavy gaming in indie a few years ago and found they have the most depth and care.

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