Star Citizen: Squadron 42

Cast as it stands in the game:

Gary Oldman as Admiral Ernst Bishop

Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Patton. To many in the UEE, Admiral Ernst Bishop has built a career evocative of these great military tacticians. A lifelong soldier, Bishop quickly distinguished himself as leader and strategist by seeing angles that others don’t and taking risks that others won’t. Strategy is a shifting puzzle to him. For better or worse, he is capable of disconnecting his empathy to the point where a battleship is simply an asset (with strengths and weaknesses) in the game, not a ship of five hundred souls. This is how he keeps winning.

If he had any interest in playing politics, he would have easily been promoted to High Command by now, but he’s exactly where he wants to be and exactly where the Empire needs him; patrolling the dangerous front lines of Vanduul space, hunting for a foe that’s constantly probing for a weakness, any weakness, to cross that border and fight.

Mark Hamill as UNKNOWN

Mark Strong as UNKNOWN

Sophie Wu as UNKNOWN

Sandi Gardiner as UNKNOWN

Gillian Anderson as UNKNOWN

Craig Fairbrass as UNKNOWN

Liam Cunningham as UNKNOWN

Ben Mendelsohn as UNKNOWN

Ian Duncan as UNKNOWN

Jack Huston as UNKNOWN

John Rhys Davies as UNKNOWN

Rhona Mitra as UNKNOWN

Andy Serkis as UNKNOWN

Gemma Whelan as UNKNOWN

Harry Treadaway as UNKNOWN

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Let us know when they open up Alpha 2.0, May download it, assuming its going to be 30gb however.

There is actually an existing thread

" Troy Baker as Star Citizen #1 "

Anyone else think the skin color/lighting looks like sh*t in the video?

Probably what creeped me out the most was the fact that his mouth was completely black. I mean, I don't really want to see the fine details, but how can he even talk if he doesn't have a tongue?

Aside from that, there wasn't anything I could specifically put my hands on... It was off just enough to set it in the uncanny valley. I assume they'll be doing some tweaking before release - it did look a little lifeless as well, for everything that wasn't Bishop.

The lighting was completely incorrect and off. Clearly whoever is doing the game lighting wasn't in charge of this video.