Star Citizen "Out-of-Game" Gameplay: Data Anylyst/Strategist

Scope of the Career

So let me explain what i mean. Star Citizen is proposed to be a huge persistent world, and to me, that means data. LOTS of data. Don't get me wrong, I dream to save up enough money to build a flight-sim setup and pilot a Aegis Vanguard. But what if there was another role that needs to be filled that *isn't* in the game?

Star Citizen’s proposed future hearkens back to EVE Online. A game, which I never played, but I’m thoroughly familiar with. The economy is a fluctuating system based on supply and demand. Something that already has a G-Sheets doc that’s updated ASAP. You can find that here: Link

Tracking commodity prices and locations is an important task for a large org, and not to mention managing resources for players: UEC, mining claims, charting new salvageable derelicts, etc. The most important, however, is definitely battle plans and strategy. The Empire is at war, and the scum of the outer territories take advantage of wartime. Managing a network of spys, acting as an ambassador between orgs, recording data real-time during large scale battles.

IRL Gameplay

I happen to have a 43" 4k monitor, flanked on either side by vertical 1440p 27" monitors. I also have a VoIP phone sitting on my desk. This is all for my day job (I work from home), but comes in handy for gaming. I imagine there will be several people like me who just manage data and communications. This might even be the perfect position for the Org owner.

I guess this is really more of a thought experiment. I'm curious to know if people have any ideas on how this could be utilized.

until it comes out of beta it is meaning less. every major patch changes the game in meaningful ways and the lessons learned in previous patches might not apply to the new patches. etc… some things are getting into a stable state but as of my last tinkering its just meh cool to fly around in cool to attempt missions in but nothing matters as it is still pretty static.

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Yeah, there’s really no point in playing it right now. I guess I should have clarified after it goes live.