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Since there were no ''Desk'' category, I decided to post this here.

2 weeks ago, I decided it was time for me to modify my desk. I have some lower back pains diagnosed as lumbar sprain and sometimes it really kicks in.

I have read on multiple websites the long term damage that sitting can do to your back (altough it's not proved) so I decided to try the standing desk, to see if it could lower the strain on my spine. And it did.

Here are my pros and cons:

 + Nice looking

+ I feel more concentrated, more into my games or in my work (huge difference)

+ No back pain

+ The cat stopped jumping on my desk

+ Finally started using my tablet for web browsing on the couch

- It takes a while for your feet and knees to adjust (I'm 215 lbs, 5'10)

- It requires anti-fatigue mat. 

- Little less gaming since you can't stand for 6 hours straight.


Have any of you experienced this kind of desk? Share your opinions!



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That's pretty cool man, I've used a few before and the ones I really like are the super adjustable ones. They allow you to stand or sit. Personally I like sitting most of the time (especially if I have a nice office chair) but the added flexibility of an adjustable desk allows you to tailor your environment to your task, which is really nice if you do projects on you desk as well as use the PC. It's also possible that I never gave it long enough for my body to acclimate to a standing only setup.



Time is the Key!! Thanks for you reply

Well you can kinda look at a few of the cons as pros. You shouldn't be gaming for six hours straight (I will admit I am guilty of this from time to time, though not often). Standing is also better for your vascular system and posture. Plus you are also strengthening your legs.

My years of producing 3d content really had their toll on my body. I started going to the gym 2 years ago and it really helped, but any time I can stand instead of sit is good for me. 

I'm looking into one of those electronic powered ones that allow you to have sitting and standing profiles (I don't have any problems standing for long hours but sitting down and working is still nice) but I do need help finding an ERGONOMIC desk chair that will bring the harm of sitting down to a minimal amount. Any advice?

It's really awesome to see your productivity in work and general PC use go up with standing desks! I am in the planning phase right now for all my standing desk specifics for home and at work.

This is a prototype version. As shortcircuit said, being able to stand or sit whenever I like would be awesome. I will eventually buy a motorized desk.

There are lots of good choices but they are usually really expensive, the aeron by herman miller is a classic (first chair to have a mesh on the bottom to prevent butt sweat), also there is a new chair by steelcase called gesture that is designed for use with mobile devices as well as conventional desk work. the companies to look at in my opinion would be Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Allsteel there are lots of other good companies and chairs but these are the best imo. I'm an industrial design student and we take classes on this stuff so sorry if I'm getting a little too nerdy.

I switched over to a sit/stand desk not too long ago. It's nice to have the choice between working sitting and standing. I still need an anti-fatigue mat or better shoes before I take to standing the majority of the time.


Heres a couple photos from the making of the top.

dude this is sick

also what do you do? I'm an Industrial design student and I'm digging your wacom

You did it yourself? Sweet do you have any pictures of handle lever

ikea came out with an electric one that's not too expensive. 

Thanks guys.

I mostly animate but there are other creative pursuits I use it for.

The top a friend of mine and I built because places wanted like 100 plus 80 shipping for a laminate top when the wood to make a much nicer hand scraped top was like 30 bucks.

The base is just a hand cranked multitable

I was going to get a stand desk but after reading the comments on the kickstarter page I felt it would be a safer choice.

Woah that's expensive!

Tell me about it. They kill you on both the base and after shipping on tops. 422 dollars is on the cheaper side of standing desk bases. I mean even these varidesk things cost 350.