Standard vs Low power cpu veriants

Has anyone done a “shootout” of standard vs low power xeons for different tiers of servery tasks? For example, in a home storage, home LAMP, etc vs large storage, high traffic, enterprise situations.

If your goal is to save on electricity, I think you might be disappointed.

This thread on STH contains a bunch of interesting information with regards to Intel’s L-CPUs. It’s old, but I doubt all that much has changed, though if it has I’d love to be enlightened.

Even on extremely old, and power hungry, hardware the difference isn’t all that big (comparatively), as I noticed here. Saving ~22 Watt on a 300+ Watt+ idle isn’t shocking and likely much larger than you’d see with a modern CPU.

Given the premium most L CPUs command, their lower performance, and the massively increased power efficiency of modern CPUs at idle, I think you’d be unlikely to make back the price difference in power bill savings in the lifetime of the CPU.

Edit: there’s also this thread on the STH forums for some more information on the subject. Including some discussion of their performance (for older generations, anyway).

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