Stably overclock

Hi I am going to overclock my pc and I am just wondering if i can overclock with this system.

AMD Phenom II x4 920
Gigabyte MA-790X-UD4P
4.00 GB DDR2 800mhz
Western Digital Caviar Green WD5000AADS 500GB 32MB
(currently shopping for cpu cooler)
Thermaltake TR2 RX 550W power supply

The only concern i have is the power supply. I know that right now I am probably close to 550W.
Will my power supply be able to stably overclock?

Yes yes, very qualified to overclock!
There is no problem with the PSU, overclock as you want :D

A good starting tip is to google the cpu name and the motherboard name. That way you can find the settings other people have done etc.
Google this:

Phenom II 920 790x overclock

Nice. thanks for helping

Use this PSU calculator if you are not sure if you packin enough powaa: (there are others out there too)

Thanks for the link.

One more question. How what temperature is to high for a cpu under load? I want to know when to stop overclocking.

You'll oc fine, with a good cooler, some as the dark knight. Probably 3.6-3.8GHz

Your cpu should not go over 65 under full load.
In idle it should be like from 30-40c

Hi I just started overclocking and i have run into an interesting problem. In the bios i put the HT reference Clock at 220Â but in windows i see that it was actually at 212. I was wondering what was the issue so i looked into the bios and now i have a question

Does cool&quiet or cpu thermal control have to do with this?

Cool and quiet seem to lower the cpu clock and VID to reduce heat output and save energy

Cpu thermal control does something to the clock settings to minimize the ammout of heat generated.

Do i have to turn these two off when overclocking?

urn all of them off

What happens if you turn off cool and quiet and cpu thermal control?
Will the temperatures rise?

I heard that after you know you have a stable overclock then you could turn it back on.
I figured out that the whole overclocking issue was because i had installed overdrive. As of now i have not had any issues when cool and quiet and thermal control are turned on.

Errr if you want to overlock, dont use those functions.. as they will only mess up with voltages, and clocks.
Dont let the name "cool and quiet" fool you..

[color=#ffcc00][b]Cool and Quiet [/color][/b][color=#00ff00][b]/[/b][/color] [color=#ffcc00][b]CPU C1E[/b][/color] [color=#00ff00][b]/[/b][/color] [color=#ffcc00][b]CPU thermal control[/b][/color] all reduce the speed of the CPU when
it is not being used.Â

It is just like Intel's [color=#00ccff][b]SpeedStep[/b][/color] technology. Disable those so the voltages and speed don't jump around, my current motherboard I'm replacing just has cool n quiet, and that's disabled plus overclocked.

Hi right now i am on stock cooling(waiting for my heat sink to come in the mail) and i was wondering if this overclock is to much for stock cooling

CPU multiplier 14x                   CPU temp
HT multiplier    8x                   Â
NB multiplier    8x                    Idle 35c-37c
Mem Multiplier 4x
HT ref. clock   240x                  Load 55c-58c

CPU frequency 3360mhz
NB frequency  1920mhz
HT Frequency 1920mhz
Mem Frequency 960mhz

Oh and by the way i tried going to 250x Reference clock but it keeps getting this blue screen with some words so i got 2 more questions

What is the blue screen called?(it had something on the bottom that said memory dump i think)

How do i get passed this so i can overclock higher?(some warning would be nice also)

Bluescreen means youre doing it wrong, or your components cant clock higher.
OR try taking the cpu voltage up a bit.

Download OCCT or something, to linpack test the overclock.. If you get bluescreen, then its not right

how do i change the voltage? the voltage part of the bios looks like this

Motherboard is Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P

*****System voltage NOT Optimized!!]
System Voltage Control       [Manual]
DDR2 Voltage Control          [Normal]
NorthBridge Volt control       [Normal]
SouthBridge Volt Control      [Normal]
CPU NB VID Control            [Normal]
CPU Voltage Control            [Normal]
Normal CPU Vcore               1.3500V

Should i be concerned about the "system Voltage not optimized"?

How should i set these setting because i dont want to screw up my pc....

                                                                                                       Thanks in advance.

Dont worry, it does that on some motherboards, though mainly gigabyte. If you set any of the system voltages from auto to manual it does exactly this.

Have you raised the stock voltage from the standard 1.35v? If not then raising this a little will enable higher frequencies, but will also raise temps!

My 720 Black Edtion is 2.8Ghz stock and can hit 3.4Ghz on stock voltage. If I raise mine to 1.4 odd volts, I can hit 3.7-8Ghz

Though to be honest I am unsure how high is too high on AMD chips, so I am sure someone will be along to say what it is

Dont forget though that if you keep raising the HT ref clock you will have to fiddle with the HT and NB multis to make sure you dont go above 2000Mhz odd, as it wont boot.

I hope youre doing your overclocking in BIOS right?
You can change voltages there

Yes I am overclocking from the bios. When you say dont worry do you mean about the system voltages not optimized thing or something else? Oh and how do i raise the stock voltage? I cant change the normal CPU v core part so I am guessing i have to change the CPU voltage control part.