I have been looking at several 10' tablets for the past several months, The 3 aspects that are important to me are: 1) battery life, 2) app support, and 3) stability/reliability.

Between the Ipads and the Android 10' tablets,  Apple does have the edge in battery life and app suport, but not my much. However, In terms of stability/reliability issues, my freinds tell me that the Ipads are very reliable, they hardly crash or run slow. One friend that is a Linux fan, told me his Android tablet doesn't run as well as his Ipad. II'm not sure what model he owns, but he had both products over a couple years. 

I really don't want to go with Apple and I want to know how stable/reliabile are the 10' Android tablets. So far I'm looking at the ASUS TF700 in particular. 

If an Ipad will give me the least amount of trouble in the future, then I'm going with an Ipad.

I'm planning on buying one at the end of April.




At this point in time the quality of the apps for Android tablets isn't close to what is available for the iPad. The iPad tends to win on battery life with the Asus Transformer close behind. Both Android and iOS are stable platforms, but most stability issues are usually down to apps. 

I'm sure you'd be happy with something like an Asus Transformer or an iPad. Both are stellar devices with their strengths and weaknesses; despite what fanboys on either side might say. However, I would recommend the iPad based on what you've said you're looking for in a tablet.