Stability issues with ryzen 7950x, amd RX6400, tuf gaming B650M-PLUS and 2 x 32gb dominator platinum

PSU is corshair RM1000e

I’ve been having extreme stability issues with this setup. After doing a bios update it got a lot better, but I still get os freezes every now and then. Been trying different kernels, currently on 6.0.9 but it’s the same thing on 5.19.17 and 5.19.0

Bios settings are default. Before the bios update I had a lot of issues with posting due to dram issues according to the motherboard. Resetting the motherboard usually fixed it.

Complete kern.log for 1.5 says the crash is “BUG: unable to handle page fault for address”. I forget if the beginning of the log was before I updated the bios.

I wanted to attach the log file but I can’t because my account is too new. I can’t post any links either.

I guess I can say the gist id for the kernel log is CapsAdmin/aa9e0958ad5d71d5fc6d0fb60a084e8f and hardinfo output is CapsAdmin/d47f74d02d419717652fbf4eb5857b64