SSH Clients for Windoze

Other than Putty, are there any SSH Clients you can recommend for Windows?

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How is the one built into the Powershell/command app?

WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) lets you use native SSH.


Don’t need WSL for that.


This is a pretty good ssh agent for Windows, works with everything:

This is the terminal I use:

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I personally use a fork of Putty named Kitty.

You can use SSH through cmd.exe and PowerShell - Microsoft has implemented an openSSH client directly into windows now. I’ve used this quite often for quickly logging into servers that don’t use key authentication and it works pretty well.

At work we use Kitty (as @BigBodZod mentioned, a fork of Putty) alongside the Kitty session manager as this makes managing SSH keys easier.

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MobaXterm is fairly popular.

  • Embedded X server, so you can display remote applications
  • Tabbed, so you can have multiple sessions open at once
  • Supports SSH, SFTP, telnet, RDP, VNC, Mosh and XDMCP, plus SSH tunnels
  • Multi-execution mode
  • A graphical SSD file browser

Lots to like, and lots of plugins available as well. There’s both free and commercial versions with support.

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I’d also either go with mobaxterm or with Bitvise SSH.

In addition to WSL, Git Bash in Git for Windows has ssh and ssh-keygen.

SecureCRT is a feature-rich commercial option, but I don’t have a ton of experience with it.

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I use WSL on my work laptop for various things, and so I like to use that.

Primarily, because you can create your SSH configuration file which I find really useful to SSH to different platforms with different private keys without remembering hostnames or private key locations.

This is the best solution if you want a versatile solution that you can transpose anywhere. You can backup your private keys and your SSH config file and then boom. Anytime you want to SSH again, just restore it.

Otherwise, another great option is Terminus - which is really handy for Windows and looks good as well.

I really like this idea, I normally avoid accessing my personal servers from Windows because I can’t be arsed to convert the keys to the putty format

For me, SecureCRT is hands down the best SSH client software for Windows. I’ve used it for years, it’s really great. May not make sense if you only ssh into like 2 or 3 hosts or something, but even then I would suggest it honestly. Other than that, so long as you’re not running an ancient version of Windows 10, ssh is built right in, just open PowerShell/CMD and ssh into stuff from there.

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I really like MTPuTTY or there is also Windows Terminal which is nice.