SSD: Which is better?

Hey everyone, today i was looking for a SSD to go into my build right now these are my options:

If any one can help please do so. I'm very new to using SSD so i have no clue on what to choose. I like the samsung 840 for its price, the kingston hyperx 3k for how it looks, the crucial based on others experiences, and finally the corsair because they are one of my favorite companys. 

Note: i did do some research on these products but SSDs are just not my expertise. I'm looking for performance and price is a bonus. I'm also open to other suggestions and thank you.

I have that Samsung 840 in my system. It's great for the price.

Although I don't really have anything to compare it with.

It's really going to come down to either the Kingston HyperX 3K or the Samsung 840.

The Crucial M4 was a very good SSD for its time, and it still is a nice SSD, but the Samsung 840 has surpassed its performance. From what I've heard and read, the Corsair is probably the worst out of all of these.

The 840 is a great SSD, but I think the HyperX 3K still outperforms it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

The Kingston, I believe, outperforms the Samsung. But, the Samsung is cheaper. Considering the simple power of an SSD, going with the Samsung would be idea. Save money and you're not really cheaping out on performance either. 

I'd go with the Samsung. I have the HyperX 3K in my system because I got it for $80. 

So I got this from SSD boss

To me all I see is the 840 is better based on SSDboss, but what would I know. If i go into greater detail the hyperx 3k performs better than the 840 in some tiers. So this decision is still tough.

I would go with the samsung they are cheap and reliable

Yeah, I'd go for the Samsung 840. It's cheaper, more reliable, and it looks like it's better at real world performance and pretty close everywhere else.

Thanks everyone with the help, I chose the Samsung SSD. Since this is a transaction from HDD to SSD I'm expecting major results in speed. Again thanks everyone.

I don't know what size you got, but if you want you could always run a partition of up to 64GB of your SSD to run as a cache for your hard drive and use the rest of the SSD for whatever you want. Your entire system would be faster that way instead of just whatever you install on the SSD.

I don't like my Force 3; it's slow, but hell, it was free, so I can't complain.

Yeah, Corsair's SSDs don't seem to be too amazing from what I've read.