SSD Speeds 17MB/s

So yeah random read speed from defraggler analysis = 16.97MB/s for my 128GB Sandisk SSD with very limited use. I don't know if the SSD is degrading or not because I never thought to benchmark it before, so i have no previous speeds to compare it to (3 months Old).

I don't really mind the speeds but if there's an easy BIOS option fix or something I'm not aware of that would be awesome. It doesn't seem that slow though which is weird, so maybe defraggler is wrong? Either way any help with the issue would be appreciated.

Do you have your controller set to AHCI mode? That seems really slow, even if you were in IDE mode.

insufficient information to diagnose your problem

beep boop berp.

Was in IDE mode, now get 25.5MB/s in AHCI mode, still too slow though haha okay tell me what you need to know guys and i'll share no problem

Lol okay just realised how bad the problem was once i benchmarked my mechanical hard drive and got 60MB/s random read speed 

Is this your SSD?

Nope this one, its sata 6, I expect i simply didn't set it up correctly in the first place

8000 IOPS random read? No wonder you are not getting very good performance. 8000 IOPS is only 31MB/s with a 4KB operation

Ah okay so the answer is I bought a cheap SSD? Because if that's the case i'm perfectly okay with that. Would it be better to move my OS onto my 2tb hard drive or does it still have some benefit?

are you sure you connected it to a sata6 port on your motherboard?

ah, nothing wrong with it now and will continue to perform that way for 3 million hours. Granted its not the fastest but it still makes good os boot. You think the speed of your ssd sucks wait till go back to your hard drive.

100% as i only have 6 sata 6 ports on my mobo

I would make sure trim is working and that it is installed correctly with the latest firmware updates. Then not worry about. I fail to see what the problem is now ? A quick google will lead to guides. If you didnt notice a problem when booting or using your os there probably isn't one.

Okay cool thanks guys 

even on crappy SSD you get at least 300 mb/s

There is a big difference between random reads and writes and sequential reads and writes. This strikes me as people are confusing the two. If in fact it was installed in ide mode a fresh install of the os with ahci mode maybe in order.

My SSD are the stats on the right, 8000 IOPS means maximum 31.25MB/s random read, I understand now that my SSD is working as it should...ish. What I don't understand is that if sequential reading is faster why not defrag? Not going to, just curious...

Its because sequential and random are handled completely differently, sequential is faster because all of the information it has to work with is all in sequence and all it has to do is go down the sequence and perform its task. Random on the other hand has to take that information find where it is to read and perform the operation, or it has to find a place to put the information in the case of writes. This is from what I understand on how SSDs work

What do you mean by defrag? You should never defrag your ssd. For ssds, its trim. Plus not all benchmark software is accurate. Try and resist the urge to benchmark to much.

Ah okay wasn't aware of the lingo, and generally i stay away from defragging and benchmarking unless I really need to or as in this case, I was bored. But yeah SSD's generally fling stuff all over the drive because there's no lag to get the data, and it helps with the longevity of the hard drive, if i'm not misinformed? So assuming that's true, by sequential read, does that mean one byte of data next to each other, or does that just mean each byte of data pointing to the next byte of data? Since data is generally flung everywhere in an SSD. Again this is just curiosity my original post was answered.