SSD Raid in VM via ESXi (best method?)

Afternoon all,

I got one PC that I’ve built to handle everything. Its been may gaming PC built the X99 platform I bought almost six years still has legs on her!

Currently has:

Intel E5-2696 v4 22c/44t CPU
128GB DDR4 3200Mhz running at 2400mhz c16
2TB PCIe Gen 4 (running at Gen 3) NVME store
x4 1TB Spinning Rust
x4 256GB Samsung SSD’s

Ok so this machine has ESXi 6.7 installed and I’ve got a Gaming VM all setup and working, however I am having issues with the SSD x4 RAID 0 setup. Previoulsy on baremetal the x4 SSD’s would throughput 1.5gb/sec but now I’m only seeing around 750mb/sec. That would be because I’ve gone from the onboard Software Raid via IRST to using Windows Disk Manager and just Spanned them together.

In esxi the drives are connected to a virtual NVME controller.

I tried FreeNas and creating a ZFS pool and passed through the drives to the Gaming VM and that saw speeds of only 300-350mb/sec!

So any ideas or advice on how to claw back the performance of x4 SSD in a Raid 0 without having to install a deadicated raid card as there isnt the space once the 3090 becomes available!

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