Ssd question

The speed of SSD vs SSD is that noticeable?

For example A Crucial SSD vs a Samsung 840 PRO 256?

In numbers 50k iops vs 90k IOPs random read 

would there be a noticeable speed difference?

I want to know because im really picky about pricing and the price for Samsung 840 pro in Canada is over 1 dollar a gig. 279.99 after tax for 256 gb

I am upgrading from a Harddrive so in the end the performance will be a boost but I just want the best bang for the buck

You might notice if you'd pay a lot of attention or if you're benchmarking... but from a spinningh drive perspective.. not so much. What is important is maybe the fact that that samsung drive (together with the other 840) uses a brand spankin new technology... We don't know for sure how solid and reliable it is. (this dutch website did a test and came up with some results

Ive got a crucial m4, samsung 840 and 830. No noticable difference at all.

Very interesting test conducted in that link above, thanks for posting that. I'll be long dead before my samsungs die...

TLC should be cheaper and a bit worse than other SSDs. Instead of 4, each cell can hold 8 values. The benefit is that you double the amount of stored data per amount of cells which should recuce costs. But it takes more time to read the information from TLC compared to MLC and TLC can perform less writes until they stop working.

So I personally would go for something like Plextor M5 instead of Samsung 840.

i can get a 250gb samsung 840 non pro for 175.97 + BC tax is that good deal

If you would go 840 I'd only go pro...

Indeed it is... As long as you don't do crazy overwrites... It is kind of painfull watching those drives die though.