Ssd question

Im doing a small upgrade. I'm planning on getting; 12 gigs of 2000mhz Dominator GT ram, but I'm stuck on what ssd to get. What do you guys and girls think?

The first is Corsair Neutron GTX 120gb


Kingson Hyper X 3K 120gb



For the moment Samsung 840Pro slays everything else in that price bracket.

840 is cheap but kinda slow as far as ssd's go...

The Kingston is pretty good comes really highly recommended from Logan.  But another to look at (also recommended from logan) is the OCZ vertex4 the 128gb is $120 and it is one of the fastest SSD's on the market right now.

And I haven't heard a thing about that Corsair.  All I can say is with all their other products Corsair does a qualiy job.  I can only assume their SSD's are equally high quality... but that's assuming...