SSD or a cpu upgrade

We'll i'm kinda thinking what i should get a better CPU or a SDD. The choises are:

AMD FX 6300 with ssd of 128/120 gb


AMD FX 8350 without ssd 

(Also note that if you are recommending the ssd you also can say what ssd is should take 120/128 Gb)

Thanks in advance.

How much are you willing to spend?

Part of me is leaning toward the FX-6300 with the SSD, but if it were me I'd probably save a little more money and get the 8350 with an SSD. What CPU are you using right now?

I'm really liking the Samsung 840 Pro right now if you can afford it.

we'll my budget is around 1200 dollar and it's for new pc so yeah. Uhm the 8350 wihtout ssd is around 70 dollars cheaper then the 6300 with ssd. but I'm just thinking what 'combo' will be faster

a ssd with 6300 or just a 8350.

Well if you're building a brand new system, then you'd probably be better off going with the SSD and FX-6300 just because it's less of a hassle to install Windows that way. If you didn't grab the SSD now and got one later on, you would have to do a clean install of windows on the SSD, which is just kind of a pain.

We'll now i know what I'm going for :)

Getting a ssd will definately improve your bootup times and the programs installed on ssd.

But for gaming purpose FX8350 is much better choice, also the windows will feel much more snappy with 8 core power.

You can may be get a better SSD later on. Upgrading a CPU will cost you more rather than getting a SSD at a later on stage.(If you really feel the need!)