SSD Gets Hot

So I unplugged the data cable from my ssd while installing linux to another drive(I didn't want to overwrite my windows ssd by accident), but I left the power cable plugged in. After an hour or so of it being only connected to power, I noticed that the ssd was quite warm. Now I have both power and data cables plugged into the ssd, and it is room temperature like the other drives. Seams odd to me.

Is it still working fine? Try using something like this: To check drive stats. Idk of an equivalent on linux though. If anyone else knows of one hey that'd be neat.

Since you already installed windows, plug your drive, boot on windows and check temps with

My linux ssd used to get a little warm while on windows, it didn't had a drive letter assigned and it was disabled.

Thanks, I'll take a look at it.

It appears to work just fine so far.

i know you probably have a normal ssd and not m.2 but im using this cause thermal camera

TL;DR they do that nothing out of the ordinary.

Yeah but those M.2's are getting hot because there's a load. His drive got hot without there being any load, no data attached at all. That's why its worth looking into the drive condition after that.

I think it happened because the controller being on without knowing what to do maybe went into a "panic mode" full tilt and that caused it to heat up. In fact when you plugged in back the data cable everything went back to normal. Nothing to worry about I guess.

The drives are working just fine. From now on I'll just unplug both cables to be safe.

SSDĀ“s running a bit toasty is pretty normal.
Especialy with certain NVME drives.
Thats one of the reasons why i have installed my SSD in a drive cage behind the intake fan.

Issue has been solved now, but the point was that the drive was getting hot while the data cable was not plugged in.