SSD for my M4A79XTD

So i've been looking for a SSD to have beside my 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD. I am mainly focused on the Kingston HyperX 4K 120GB but it uses Sata-600. Does my Asus M4A79XTD have a Sata-600 slot?



Grab it anyway. It'll just run at sata II speeds on your board thats all. There is no real point in tracking down sata II ssds, with the prices of sata III ssds tumbling every week.

Will there be a big speed difference?

Yes there will be a biggish drop in speed ~ it will be maxing at around 250mb/sec read/write. Boot speeds and everything else on there will still be very fast in loading. I personally think it very much worth the purchase, there is no way I can stand using a machine these days without a ssd.

Just make sure that AHCI is enabled in the bios before you do a fresh install of windows.