SSD for a gaming build

I am looking at getting a SSD for a gaming build. I am wondering if a 120GB would be sufficient for Windows 8 64 bit and a few games or should i go for a 250GB.

I will be buying the SSD during black friday, do they usually go on big sales during that time?

Definitely recommend a 250GB+.

I was looking at the samsung 840 Pro which is currently 215$ after a sale (270 originally), what would be a fair price to expect during black friday?

Not quite sure as I've never purchased components on Black Friday, but that SSD is worth every penny.

There's mostly no point in getting SSD if you need game performance. Loading times will be somehow better, but that's about it. Windows with software is usually ~40 Gb so if you need just a few games, 120Gb is fine.

Will you use Intel RST or just the ssd with an HDD for Storage?


I have the 840 Pro and could not be happier. With the SSD and windows 8 takes about 6-8 to boot up 


I will be using the SSD for OS and a few games that i play on a day to day basis, i will have a 1TB HDD for other games and files

Get the 250GB one or more. OS and Games. Be warned a lot of steam games still need to be in the same directory as the steam install so you might still run out of space.

I have no issues running steam games when my steam folder is in program files and all games are on another drive.

90% of games will run the exact same on an ssd as on a mechanical, so if you only want a few on the ssd 120 will be fine

the only games that benifit are games with lots of loading (mostly online games that need to load a map pretty often)