SSD Firmware update - On windows

I want to update the firmware on all my ssds but of course the ADATA tool is a wndows .exe.

I am a fulltime linux user. is there a way, legallly, to get a temperary windows license?

You can legally run windows as an evaluation, but might have to leave the network unplugged during install, unless you want to be forced to create/use a Microsoft account during install.
MS also offer permanently free-to-use VM images, which you could pass the drive through to, but I suggest just running in evaluation mode.

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Just say no :man_shrugging: the option is still there

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Thanks. It’s been quite a while.

ya i fresh installed my wifes lenovo laptop with win10 an remember leaving the internet
connection undone. Dopeness. I’ll just grab a junk drive an letter rip.


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If you run the Windows Insider builds you can “evaluate” for as long as you like. The timers reset every time a new build is installed.

I have a Windows VM image on a Fedora Linux laptop that’s been “evaluating” Windows for almost two years.

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Last I heard, that only applies to ms surface tablets.

Any other situation still shows the offline account button in the corner of that page.

I recently did a fresh install on the latest W10 and the option to make a local account is still there, just a bit hidden. Just tell the installer you don’t have a Windows key. Have not tried using ADATA’s tool to update firmaware (only tried on Samsung disks yet), but I assume if it sees the drive it should be no problem.

There is a firmaware update tool in Linux, but to me the instructions seem a bit vague. I guess you can just download an image with the firmware and extracted with the tool. Never tried it and I think ADATA does not provide ISO images with their SSD firmaware either (Samsung does).

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