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SSD decision: need some help

Hello everyone! I need to get some storage for my system and I really can’t decide on what to get. I really don’t want justify myself spending too much on it, but I still need something realiable to store my things in and that will last for a while.
For this SSD I care mostly about the TBW value since I’m going to write a bunch on it for a while, move files around and so on. Also realiability is the most important thing, but that’s not a value that can be realistically measured. My options are:

Kingston KC600 - 1TB - 95$ - 600TBW (if you dig in the specsheet, not clearly stated on the site)

Samsung 970 Evo Plus - 1TB - 147$ - 600TBW (displayed in their website)

Samsung 860 Pro - 1TB - 215$ 1200TBW (same as above)

SATA speeds are more than enough for me so if it’s NVMe or not it’s not a downside for me. Maybe it can make moving files off of it a bit difficult since I don’t have another machine that can read NVMe drives so that might be a consideration to make. What’s your take on the matter?

  • Kingston KC600
  • Samsung 970 Evo Plus
  • Samsung 860 Pro

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I’ve also made a poll if you don’t feel like commenting and just want to leave your opinion. Thanks!

Get the Samsung 860 PRO because of the MLC (2 bits per cell) it will in almost all instances hold on longer than a TLC (3 bits per cell) or QLC (4 bits per cell) drive. Also writing will be faster when the cache is full and the system writes to the NAND directly.