SQL Tutorial's?

Alright, before I go on about this there’s something I must point out to prevent myself from making a fool out of myself. I don’t like to use this as an excuse because I know I need to do my best to get better at it, but I’m Dyslexic. Normally because of spell check my bad spelling and grammar doesn’t show through too often but if you spot anything wrong please feel free to point it out with this in mind. I’d actually prefer you do so I can learn from my mistake. Thank you!

Now to the real question:
So I’ve been learning PHP for several months now. In fact I’m probably coming up on it being a year since I started. The tutorials I’ve been watching were from TheNewBoston. Normally I don’t like his tutorials, they tend to be a little too un-professional for my taste but he wasn’t the one doing them. He got someone from https://phpacademy.org/ to do it for him so it differed greatly from his normal style of teaching a programing language. I’ve gotten extremely good with the language, and to practice I make silly little web applications and calculators to see how well I can work the language and sometimes I even impress myself but here is where my problem starts. SQL… I have yet to have started learning SQL. I picked up a tiny bit in the tutorial videos I was watching from TheNewBoston but it was only enough to get the point across for the specific video I was watching. I need to find a place that can teach me about SQL and how to use it with PHP efficiently. They went more in depth with it then that, but I’d like a place that I can REALLY sit down and learn from.

Thanks to anyone who responds! Sorry if this seems rushed, but it is a little rushed! Haha, I gotta catch a flight! Ill try and respond to any post’s when I’m at the airport.

I don't know SQL, but since you asked an additional question, despite your dyslexia, your English seems to be very good, the things I would point out would be "tutorial's" and "post's", in these instances both of the words ending in S are plurals, so the apostrophe isn't required.

I haven't been assessed myself, but I suspect that I am also dyslexic, as I meet a number of requirements quite consistently, I really struggle with hand writing and often write out words with some letters in the wrong order (despite knowing how to spell them).

What I have found interesting and helped me with better understanding of databases is introduction to databases by J Widom from coursera.org This course has video lectures and exercises. The best thing .. it's free. Look over it, and I hope it will help you.

Have a look at W3 Schools.

Always a good site to look at.

As for integrating it with PHP when the time comes, create a php page with just your database connectivity details and just use the "require" or "include" commands at the top of each new php page to link the details. (It saves you typing the connect commands multiple times)

You'll have to keep in mind that the information on w3schools might not be accurate. They confirm it. Read the footer of the site ( Also w3school is not part of w3c )

SQL venn diagrams may be useful when you start learning joins.