Do you like spotify? I started using it after I got tired of my gf listening to youtube rips and reading an article about it on Ars Technica and since I didn't trust her to properly torrent music in good quality either I decided to give spotify a try.

It's very convenient so far and you can set the quality settings to the ogg vorbis equivalent of 320kbps mp3 even on mobile.
Any reason why I shouldn't subscribe after the trial is over?

And is there any specific reason why Zweihänder is not on there? I already own it but it'd be cool to have it in their library too or something.

not major enough. plus, most of the songs on spotify, at least what i've listened to, are crappy remakes. and isn't it free? I tend to use pandora, spotify seems to never want to close.

I can't use pandora since I don't live in US, NZ or Australia but isn't it pandora more a radio type of thing anyway? 


I also didn't encounter any of the problems you had with spotify. They have had all the songs I've looked for so far even some rather unknown german artists. According to wikipedia pandora has a library of 500k songs and spotify 20 million. Sure that we're talking about the same thing?

The player is also very clean and easy to navigate. There is a free version that limits the number of songs you can listen to and plays ads inbetween. Premium users(10 bucks/month) don't have to deal with that.

ah, ok, you confused me for a bit. pandora is a radio thing, and I suppose if you can't use it, i'd use spotify...

I love Spotify premium, i'm on a 60 day free trial and i intend to continue. I like the quality ,and I can make playlists and save them for offline use so when im using it on my phone i dont have to use all my data. If you like the music selection and can afford it I would subcribe. Thats just my opinion im not that familiar with other option that might be better.

I mostly listen to 'real' music on Grooveshark. But be warned that some music could have shit quality since the mp3s are user-uploaded (obviously). Used to have ads that can annoy the shit out of your listening time but it has since reduced. I also download them via, an addon called Orbit. Only available and working on Internet Explorer, but didn't really care, as long as I get what I want.

I love Spotify. I've discovered a lot of artists (Mainly indie) I wouldn't have otherwise heard of and it's the main cause of my recently getting into Nerdcore rap.

Trial?  I've had Spotify on my PC for almost a year and I've never had to pay.

It does have a lot of content, too.  There's only a couple artists I haven't been able to find.

Spotify is huge and has almost every major artist and a lot of smaller groups as well. It can be free or paid for better quality and ability to listen on your phone.

Import your music from the cd... storage it on your harddrive and drag the files onto one of your spotify playlists... and you're good to go with your personal bought music cd's in the spotify software...

You have to pay to use it on your phone or tablet. Save for the radio and I'm not sure about playlists. But, it's free on PC. 

Had spotify ever since they launched the beta in the nordic region, loving atm.

I didn't believe in Spotify back in 2009 I think it was when I first tried it, though it was very small back then compared to now. Nowadays I'm a premium subscriber, and I firmly believe these kind of services are the future. It's very convenient to have nearly all your music in the same place without any effort needed from yourself. And as a premium user you can save your playlists locally too so they can be listened to while not having internet connection. Lack of sound quality is an invalid argument too, I can't tell the difference between the 320 kbps high quality stream and a FLAC when listening with quite high end headphones.

Spotify is not bad for people that don't want to deal with massive music libraries like mine (80gb). I use Soundcloud a bit too.

Well if you want to try out pandora you can get the proxmate extension for chrome. I dont know if firefox has that extension but im pretty sure it does.


I think spotify is great. And whoever said most songs are remakes must use a different spotify than i do. Some bands (Beatles, Metallica and RHCP) have not been available on spotify, but some cover albums have been up. This is not spotifys fault, but rather record companies beeing backward ass idiots

Been using spotify since november 2011 ... and i just havent had an issue tied to spotify yet ... and i  can fint almost every artist i want to find on there .... there are some really big ones that you cant find on there ... like metallica until 2 weeks ago ... and the beatles but its getting there ... and stuff is getting uploaded quicker than before ...


Havent tried Pandora but i have heard good things about it ...