Splurge on GTX 1080 or wait?

Previously a complete AMD FX8350 build. Had 2 290x's, but one died. Remaining GPU is struggling to power my 4k monitor. Mainly play Overwatch and WOT. Swapped in a 4690k I got a really good deal on a few months ago.

I have been waiting for Vega and ryzen to do an all out build and completely replace all my parts. Currently I am limping along GPU wise. The 4690k handles everything I do with ease.

I got to thinking of just buying a GTX1080 or 1070 and scrapping the ryzen/vega build. I get parts through my jobs employee purchase program so there isnt really any out of pocket. However, all prices are MSRP so fury and cheap rx480 deals arent possible.

What are some opinions? Continue to struggle or just buy a GTX 1080 and redo build at a future date?

Your CPU needs no upgrade any more. Just graphics so as much as I want everyone to buy AMD Zen is just not necessary for you.

We still don't have much information on Vega. Zen is q1 3017 for a 3 month window. Vega is some time around then too so it could still be 3 or 4 months for it which at this stage is just not competitive unless vega straight skips 2 generations and releases in oar with what ever 1080ti or 1100 series.

For now as much as nVidia can fuck off and die, sounds like you need the power and the waiting is a long time potentially. Begrudgingly get the 1080 or 70.

AMD make it hard to be a supporter sometimes. But I am in no such rush or short on power so I can and will wait for ZenVega.

i think you may be a thousand or so years off.

also bite the 1070/1080 bullet or wait for the 1080ti that just got released. amd's vega is going to be good, but we are realistically 4-6 months away and that's a long long time. the ti is basically the 1080 core with more vram and cuda cores. goign to be around titan level and guess they waited so long to sell more 1080's and titans?


Yeah. Whoops, feels about right hough, maybe for vega...

Is the 1080ti actually a thing now. Not had time to check the news lately.

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Id wait and see whats up with the 1080ti
Regular 1080 might just dip in price too

Wow didnt even realize CES is less than a month away. The 1080ti looks like it could solve my 4k problems pretty well.

A single 1080 isnt a win all solution to 4k
As i know.

looking at benchmarks for the titan XP (which the 1080ti is rumored to be comparable to) should be able to handle 4k.

Is a rx480 a complete waste of my time to mess around with then flip when VEGA comes?

from what ive heard, we were hopin for something like 15-30% more power then the base 1080 ??