Splinter Cell Blacklist

Looking for some other folks picking up this game to play coop and spy vs mercs with.

Find me on steam: steamcommunity.com/id/The_Internet_

ill be picking this up, but for xbox dude. 

No one is picking up this game for PC?

This game is dead to me I was a big fan of the SC games untill conviction.

I got it with my GTX 770 a few days ago. I have to receve the code tough.. But i'll play with you if i get the time. 
Nice corgi Btw ;) 

Thanks, throw me a friend request!

The new game allegedly brings back the old splinter cell styles similar to chaos theory. Double agent and Conviction were meh though.

Bumping this for more interest since the game is out, although I won't be on much due to working full time and enrolled in school for 22 hours this semester.

lol I'm still playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory but i might get it eventually

I highly suggest it, so far it feels like chaos theory.