Spit Ballin' Neato DIY Telephony Pipedreams

Advanced telephony system that does among other things performs actions based on data given.

I have a great disdain for ISPs and their acts against humanity but every ISP sucks and sometimes we don’t have the option to use the ISP that sucks the least so anytime my internet service performs even suckier than usual then maybe my main router or maybe a separate dedicated low power device receives this information and sends an alert to my personal devices on the network, ideally will have the network connectivity to send wonderful emails of my woes, complaints, and most importantly my demands.

Where it gets really neato and schway is when at defined parts of the day, your advanced diy telephony system(which of course you have) is setup to auto connect to their support line, inputs the proper DTMF tones, before ringing your phone and connecting directly with a support rep you can talk with. No fuss.

When I originally decided to write this post I considered going as far as an automated system that would call the support line as above but auto complain for me. It could be as low tech as a recording or as high tech as the “AI” clearly giving the information required for them to check my account and network status and calmly advising my complaint(based on type and severity of the issue) and that I expect this to be made right and when I have the time I will call them back. This system will record the entire exchange and send it do my personal devices as well. All done while I am busy, away, and even asleep. I think there is a question of legality for that so I am kind of roughing out the details.

This would be the type of project I would do if I had more time and patience. At the very least keeping tabs on your ISPs and actively calling them out on incompetence is good first step to change. The automated emails are gold as far as I can tell but maybe a bit of polish to make it all that glitters too.

I think you’ll find yourself permanently disconnected by any ISP you use this system on PDQ. And after just a few of those, unable to subscribe to any ISP at any cost either (key word: permanent ban) :roll_eyes: