Spilled drink on mechanical keyboard

About a week ago I spilled about 1/3 glass of iced tea on my mechanical keyboard. I immediately unplugged it and began to clean it. After removing all the keys I was sure I had gotten all the tea out of it. Unfortunately the next day the bottom row of keys felt sticky inside the actual switch and no longer have a clicky feel or sound. After about an hour of researching I found out that a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the switch should break down the tea and the keys return to normal. This ended up working for about 20 minutes and the returned to feeling non-clicky. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Link to my keyboard: http://www.duckychannel.com.tw/en/ZERO_DK2108S.html       

I've spilt beer onto my keyboard...*cough cough cough* and dowsed my keyboard in oil. After smashing onto them for a bit they seem to be about the same. Results may vary. 

take all the keys off and spay with WD40 and then blow it off with an air compressor ... wash all the keycaps and make sure they are dry before re installing them. ... works 95% of the time

WD-40 is amazing

If you are brave enouph you can try to open them up to clean them 

Change Cherry MX Switch w/o soldering: http://youtu.be/GivKt63dLvA

Thank you for the suggestions! I tried some WD-40 and  it seems to be working really well, still sounds a little off but its getting better with time.