Speeding up Eero Mesh network, will another Eero make it faster?

I have two Eero routers. In range of the “root” router I get the full WiFi speed. In range of an Eero satellite in a distant room and through a couple of walls (even right in front it) I am loosing 100 Mbps.

If I get another Error and place it between the root router and and the satellite will I get that speed or a better portion of it back? I can’t move the satellite Erro. It’s hooked up to a small switch. Yes, I am trying to avoid running Cat6. But an “on paper” vs reality answer would be helpful! So would a reality answer.

Basically does putting an Eero unit between two distant units get one better speed?


In essentially all cases another wireless hop will decrease bandwidth and increase latency.

Wifi is just bad. There is a reason why proper new houses have Cat6 plugs here. I had some success with ethernet over power line for friends and family of mine (well because they have the same issues with WiFi as everyone else), and while it’s often better than WiFi, it’s just another workaround and bad compromise.

For bridging multiple walls, you need proper professional radio equipment or you use Access Points from a (PoE) Cat6 plug in the room you need WiFi.

Daisy chaining access points to increase range almost guarantees performance deficits and/or problems. Latency and signal strength exponentially decrease for each added device as @Altkey already mentioned.

Transmitting power of Wifi standard/regulations is so low that walls always are a problem. It’s not designed to cross thick walls or even multiples.

Darn! It seems like I will need to run wire. I don’t have a proper house, built too early! :wink:

Time to visit the crawl space.

I’m all for wires, I’ve run probably 3000ft of Cat6 around my house for computers, cameras, AP’s etc, however I suspect that adding another Euro will actually speed up and solve your problem. After all, that’s their whole deal, right?

That extra hop isn’t really going to make much of a different on the backhaul network. As you say, its already poor

A healthy wireless network with more hops is better than one on the brink of connection with fewer

It’s a cheap experiment. Less than $100.

I’ll try that.

But I might just need to buy a 100 ft of cat6 if there is no appreciable difference. It would just wash out money wise.

Thanks to all for the inputs!

Please update us with the results!