Speed issues with SSD

Hi my ssd is runing at 300 read 100 write my feind bought the aame one in the aame batch and he is getiing 500 read 480 write my motherboard  is the sabertooth 990fx gen 3 the latest one and his is the one before that the lower model i have the onboard raid controller and its set to raid and i have 2 sata 2 360 gb drives runing in raid ZERO and  the ssd is not in any defined raid but it is still on a raid sey onboard controler i also up dated thr bios to the latest idk wat to do

Are you in AHCI mode for the SSD?

Your post is really hard to read mate so sorry if I miss anything. What drive exactly & what benchmarking software are you using?

Assuming the drive is the RAID array are on the brown sata ports yeah? Try pluggin the ssd into the grey ports on the other controller and make sure AHCI is enabled in the bios.

The brown ports should give the best speed because they are on the native AMD chipset, well that's how it is on intel (except native intel chipset not amd, obviously...) and I would expect the same from AMD unless they have much worse ports. :p But, to OP try both ports and make sure AHCI is enabled.

I have the hyperx i think 3k  the black one also i have it set to raid option and icant controle the white ones theres no option so i use them for my 2 dvd 




So are you saying that the ssd is in RAID? With what exactly if it is..

Dont have the ssd in RAID unless you have it in an array with another ssd of same spec (ie another HyperX of the same size and you wanted a mirror raid setup). By all means have whatever RAID arrangement for your mass storage drives but not you ssd.

Again, your posts are incredibly hard to make sence of.

Some important things to look at are also Cables!
I found out that a SATA II cable is restricted to somewhere betweekn 360 read and right speeds. It can also be that your now running a SATA 1 cable on your SSD that is not capable of doing higher speeds then your doing now.

That's actually not true. A SATA cable is a SATA cable, regardless of revision. It's just coper at the end of the day. A SATA 1 cable is perfectly able to deliver SATA 3 speeds.