Speculative "Zen" Build

Ok so I've decided to wait for Zen to release since Intel decided to lock down the skylake xeons to server chipsets making them incompatible with desktop boards unlike previous generations. From the latest I've read it appears Zen is now scheduled in Q4 2016 per the article here. http://wccftech.com/amd-zen-launch-q4-2016/ Now because of this, I have also decided to wait on the HBM2 offerings from Nvidia and AMD as well.

Here's a pcpartpicker I made. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bFPWFT Lots of this stuff is placeholder to estimate wattage. Also the 2 390s are there because I plan on going 4K with the Microboard 420 people have talked about on here.

Feedback is welcome

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What is there to say?
I would rather go with Asrock or Gigabyte for the dual bios and price to features ratio...
I would also guess, that AMD will release DDR4 ram, after their DDR3 being really really good...
And I would rather wait a couple of months for AMD to release their HBM 2 products as well before spending any money on GPUs...

True, just wanted to make sure I was in the right frame of mind for this. Plus I'm really curious with HBM2 and the new architectures from both GPU manufacturers if we could be able to run games at 4K/5K off of a single card at say high settings and maintain 60 fps

there will be no hbm based cpu's (apu's maybe)
no hbm based memory (ddr etc)

Not really, no...
Atleast I don't think so... And it's not the HBM, that is the issue. The technology of the GPUs is not good enough to push that many pixels.
I am not at all curious about Nvidia's shit. It will be like always. Non game works games will perform better on amd, while gameworks games will gimp amd performance and most likely will have issues on any hardware. Basically Nvidia again will buy it's performance benefits...
However, I am more interested in the ZEN... Intel announced and will release a 10 core cpu really really quick, before Zen hits the market. For the last let's say 2 years we have really nice cpu ramp up... From 6 core Intels to 10 core intels next summer... And Q4 - 16 cores 32 threads amd... This will be really really interesting to see...

I believe just today I red somewhere about 3D stacked dimm modules... Basically HBM in ram format...

Today in 1 year, we will know. Someone set a reminder.

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that's going to be ddr4.

All these "Zen" predictions/speculates and people waiting to upgrade till it comes out. I say if you have the money and reason to upgrade why are you waiting, It'll be a year before Zen and even then we don't even know if they'll be able to deliver. Doesn't seem worth the wait to me.

Just get whatever RAM is the cheapest as the speed isn't going to matter much, and I'd buy these fans over those


It's worth it to me. At that time, Zen will dominate, or not, and Intel will have dropped prices a bit on Skylake. So I dont see why not wait if your PC has no problems now. Also, if you have the money now, that is a years worth of savings to upgrade what you would have had VS what is out in a year.

I kind of agree here... If you have a reason to upgrade, then upgrade... If you don't need to upgrade, but want to, if you need to upgrade, but your current system is doing just fine, you just need some extra juice, if you can wait, then why not wait?
If my PC dies today I will not wait for Zen. I'll get a new one... But since it's doing OK so far, and I need the upgrade, but I don't really need the upgrade, I'll just hang on. It's not like the 6600k is going to dissappear by the time Zen hits the market...

Yeah this is my thinking here too. I'm actually looking around for a decent used graphics card to hold me over until then. Something in the $50-75 range. I mean the APU I have is really good by itself @720. Hell, in some games it does 1080, low settings mind you, but it keeps a steady framerate between 30-40. That and I'm looking at getting one of the 4K monitors Wendell has showed off just to have the screen real estate for multiple windows