Special m.2 SSD Slot

So I bought a new Thinkpad P16S AMD for college it came with a 512GB NVMe.

I decided to upgrade the NVMe to a 2TB Kingston KC3000 but when I attempted to install the drive it wouldn’t fit.

The interface is not the problem,

The m.2 drive that came with the laptop I noticed had no memory chips on the underside of the SSD and the height of the slot was smaller than a regular slot like the one in my Desktop Motherboard

Is there some new m.2 standard for skinny drives, when I go searching for another 2TB NVMe how do I ensure I get a drive with no chips on the underside?

By skinny, you’re referring to components only on one side?

If so, the M.2 sizing spec (ie: 2280) will sometimes have ss or ds appended to indicate that it’s a single side or double side chip.

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Yes components only on one side, the controller and memory chip was on the top side the underneath was just circuit board

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It’s possible that among double-sided M.2s, some will work and some will not, and with the difference determined by mere fractions of a millimeter height on the bottom side.

Which means It’s probably not worth the hassle to go through measurements or trial and error. :sweat_smile:

For what it’s worth, the last few Crucial P5 Plus M.2 2TB drives I’ve bought for work and home have been single-sided, so those are a decent option to be sure :slight_smile: