Speakers or sound card

Today I bought a logitec LS21 speakers and subwoffer set, first I noticed that when watching youtube vids the audio quality in the left speaker was quite bad, talking had like a, I'll just say like a little squeek or hiss or some thing and some stacic where there is no sound, I tied it on some other stuff and they seemed ok, I also have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Sound Card So i dont know where its the cheap speakers or the cheap sound cards thats the problem, my other speakers were cheap one that Iv had for years and they had the same voice problem, I dont want to take speakers back if its the sound cards problem


Im thinking its the subwoofer but I cant get the sound off just the speakers high enuff because thay dont have volume control

I would recomend checking your audio drivers are up to date that solves 99% of these problems. Once you have updated them play somthing really high quality like a bluray becasue youtube can sometimes have encoding issues that make videos sound crappy. 

hope this helps :) 

Make sure all your connections are clean.

I’m not sure what you mean by you tried it on some other stuff. Most i can say is do some process of elimination. Try the speakers on another source such as another PC or a CD player. and if you can try another set of speakers on the sound card. Really first thing you would really do is swap out the interconnect cables but don’t think you can with them.

But as Hex said try the drivers. Also try some different sample rates and see how ya go. But it just sounds like a dirty connection

If You Use Windows 7, You Can Easily Play A Test Sound Out Of Single Speakers, Right Click the Volume Controll And go To Output ( dont remember names at school at they use Mac) and Select what you are using As the current Device, Right Click And Configure, It Should Have Pictures For Your Speaker Settup, Clicking On Them Will Play A Sound out of the respective speaker. and as its been said, update the drivers.